VIDEO: Chicago Woman Loses 4th Child to Gun Violence

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“They took my only child. I have nobody right now. That’s my only baby,” she said.

A few hours after Ronnie Chambers was killed, a gunman opened fire on three men near a South Side eatery, killing two of them and wounding the third, police said.

On Saturday afternoon, detectives were called to the scene of another shooting in which a man in his 30s and a teenager were shot to death. There had been no arrests.

Chicago’s homicide count eclipsed 500 last year for the first time since 2008. As grim as it is, Chicago’s homicide rate was almost double in the early 1990s — averaging around 900 — before violent crime began dropping in cities across America.

Last year’s increase, though, stood in sharp contrast to New York, where homicides fell 21 percent from 2011, as of early December.

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6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Chicago Woman Loses 4th Child to Gun Violence

  1. I have deep sympathy for this woman, however, of 506 murders in Chicago in 2012, 400 were black teenagers killing other black teenagers. Guns aren’t the problem, the problem is a community which is deeply flawed in its ‘values’. The black community is deep in denial of its own social culpability in the deaths of its young. It is a hypocritical community that seeks to pass the blame on to others, who have no responsibility in all this violence and it continually denies the obvious; that maybe…JUST MAYBE… it is the values that it teaches, NOT with its oft cited insincere preachy platitudes, but with the actions and irresponsibility acted out on a daily basis by the adults that its children seek to emulate.

  2. The mind set of people have to change. You don’t solve problems with a gun. Also most of these guys shooting up people have the same need these other mass murderers have, they want to feel powerful and important. They have been berated and beat down for so long that they feel the only way they can get respect is use a gun.

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