New Study Says Condoms Aren’t to Blame for Lack of Pleasure

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The new study however did not find a striking difference in regards to sexual arousal, ease of erection and orgasm between those who used condoms and those who do not.

Findings also revealed a variety of ways men are aroused while using condoms and lubricants.

The data found that men who used lubricant inside and outside the condom enhanced their sexual experience. Herbenick hopes this will encourage men to use condoms both for safety and pleasure.

“People aren’t really having any conversations about types of products related to sexual experiences and that’s a shame,” Herbenick said.

Although Church & Dwight Co. the maker of Trojan condoms funded the study, Herbenick stresses that there was no conflict of interest when it came to the results.

“The data is the data…We are free to publish anything we want,” Herbenick emphasized.

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