Ever Been ‘Catfished’? Tips on Online Dating

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In 2009, Thompson joined a bid whist club that met monthly and he soon developed a crush on the founding member who “is such a very sweet woman.” Over time they became Facebook friends and exchanged cell numbers. A couple of years later, he discovers she was the woman from the bad date nine years earlier. “She added that when I went off on the attendant that she immediately concluded that I was not the man for her and in her words, ‘I ran for the hills,’” Thompson said. “Anyway, we laughed about it and the great thing about it is that she had an opportunity through our bid whist club, for over two years, to discover that me going off on that guy was an aberration. We are great friends and hopefully, it will soon turn into more.” They were lucky.

Online Dating Magazine offers some tips to ensure the likelihood a romantic Internet connection is successful, including:

• Determine whether you want a general dating service, a relationship site for help finding The One, a social networking site that may lead to dates, a niche site that links people who share specific passions or a “merging online dating service,” where you post a profile, then hand out cards to people and they can check you out and decide if they want to follow up.

• Practice safe dating by not giving out a lot of personal information or a home phone number and meeting in a public place for the first date.

• Post a recent photo and something showing you doing something fun and lively. And for men, most importantly, no photos of you with your arms around gorgeous women. It instantly tags you as a player, and not in a good way.

• Don’t lie. Don’t lie about your age, your income, your job, your background – even a little.

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One thought on “Ever Been ‘Catfished’? Tips on Online Dating

  1. Coining the word for being Catfished in person, duped, baited, conned, with dishonest motives…usually by a delegated shill, sent or arranged by someone covertly, is from now on to be known as being …”Donkeyfished”.

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