‘Blazing Saddles’ May be Heading to Broadway

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  • According to reports, the classic film “Blazing Saddles” could possibly be heading to the stages of Broadway.

    The film starred Gene Wilder and the late Cleavon Little, it centered around the life of an African-American sheriff named “Black Bart” who dealt with being in charge of a racist town before he won them over with his fun-loving personality and charm.

    Comedian Mel Brooks, who directed Blazing Saddles, believes the stage version of the film is possible due to the success of Django Unchained.

    He told reporters, “It has a rather fanciful and fantastic tone to it. And now that Django Unchained has literally used the n-word, I think I’m in the clear. I don’t look so bad. He really used that word a lot.”

    Similar to Django Unchained, when Blazing Saddles was released in 1974 it also faced a lot scrutiny for its use of the n-word in the film.

    Brooks has had success in turning his films into plays; including Young Frankenstein and The Producers.


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