Law Firm Seizes George Clinton Funk Classics to Pay off $1 Million Debt

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  • Sad news to report about George Clinton.

    Would you believe the funkmeister is being forced to give up the funk. Literally.

    Clinton’s ex-lawyers have forced the music legend to hand over four classic recordings to pay off the million bucks he owes the law firm , reports TMZ.

    According to court docs, Hendricks & Lewis won a $1.5 million judgment against Clinton back in 2010, but was only able to collect $340,000 — so a Federal Judge just hit GC where it hurts … his music.

    In the docs, the judge grants H&L the copyrights for the following Funkadelic jams:

      – “Hardcore Jollies”

        – “The Electric Spanking of War Babies”

        – “Uncle Jam Wants You”

        – “One Nation Under A Groove”

    According to the ruling, H&L can sell or use the music however it wants — with all money going toward paying back the original judgment.

    Once that’s paid off, the copyrights go back to Clinton … who has filed a motion to reverse the decision. No ruling on that yet.

    (Photo: AP)



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