Nevada NAACP to Name First Non-Black President in 66-Year History

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  • Jeffrey Blanck, a civil rights attorney in Reno, Nev., has become the first non-Black leader of the Reno-Sparks NAACP in the branch’s 66-year history, according to the group’s web page this week. Blanck will be replacing outgoing President Lonnie Feemster, who has just completed his last of four two-year terms at the organization.

    Blanck’s involvement with the local NAACP has long been established, with the lawyer serving as the second vice-president and legal redress chair. A 27-year veteran, Blanck was moved to practice law after being inspired by the Civil Rights Movement of the ’60s, according to his website. In a brief statement, Blanck spoke to the diversity of the branch he is soon to helm.

    I am proud that our leadership and membership reflect the rich diversity of our community and our country, said Blanck.

    Outgoing president Lonnie Feemster added comments as well:

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    2 thoughts on “Nevada NAACP to Name First Non-Black President in 66-Year History

    1. and will continue to work to reduce racial disparities and discrimination in our community,” Feemster said.

      Please list them.
      List the disparities and discrimination

      I bet 90% of them can be solved by teaching what we all have in common as americans instead of constantly preaching what is different about us. Or by teaching past evil deeds as a tool to prevent it from happening again instead of using it to shame others and trying to unite people under your flag.

      The other 10% is just straight up hate and their is nothin you can do about it. Their will always be evil in this world.All we can do as a society is not give that 10% a mouthpiece and turn your back on those people.

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