Jacque Reid Goes “Inside Her Story” with Ashleigh Thornton, a 22-year-old entrepreneur, who turned her hair problems into a booming business.

Thornton created “NoireNaturals” hair care line after struggling with the transition from relaxed to natural as a sophomore in college.

According to her website, “NoireNaturals” mission is “to lessen the number of “Product Junkies” in the world with a completely all-natural line of hair products, created to ease the anxiety and challenges that come along with maintaining natural hair!”

Check out her products here.

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One thought on “Jacque Reid Goes ‘Inside Her Story’ with Ashleigh Thornton

  1. What better way to care for your skin and hair than with products so pure theyโ€™re practically edible? When Anita suffered a harsh reaction from using a so-called โ€˜safeโ€™ synthetic hair lotion, she set out on a mission to create her own line of natural hair and skin care products. Since its launch in 2005, self-proclaimed โ€˜ingredient junkieโ€™ Anita Grant has created environmentally-conscious cosmetics for her eponymous brand. organic cosmetics

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