Are You Richer and Wiser in 2013?

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4.  Happiness is embracing what is and saying, “Thank you for this life of mine.”
I know you have goals. In fact, as humans we can’t be happy without goals.  We need something to aim for.  But while we are aiming – during that period in the meantime when we haven’t quite obtained what we want – there is a lesson being offered. It is a gift.  It is the chance to learn to be happy “while,” not just happy “when.”  Happy while you wait. Not just happy when you arrive. When you master that, you discover the key to contentment. Embrace what is. And find reasons to be grateful right where you are.

My challenge to you:  Start this year richer than you were a year ago. Reflect on the wisdom you’ve gained over the last 12 months.  What have you learned in the last 12 months? How will you apply those lessons in the New Year?


Valorie Burton ( helps people get unstuck so they can be unstoppable. She is the author of multiple bestsellers, including Successful Women Think Differently and Your 5-Minute Personal Coach Follow her on Twitter @valorieburton and Facebook:

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