Thursday Morning Mom: Lashonda Ruffins

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    Dear Tom,

    I have known Lashonda for the past 15 years and she’s always been a hardworking single mom since the day I met her at the basketball court – I was playing…she was watching.

    She was a single mom with 2 boys at the time. We became friends, started dating and we had a little girl…but things didn’t work out. We remained close friends and I am still in our daughter’s life.

    Lashonda has always had spoken of going back to school so she could be a better life for her and her children. So she decided to go back to school full time while working a job full-time…all while making sure the kids do well in school. She even manages to take them to their after-school programs, football games and basketball.

    Not once has she gotten down or even wanted to quit me from being a close friend and father of her youngest child. I just want her to know that her hard work and “never quit” attitude is not taken for granted or forgotten.




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