Third Teen Charged In Latest Air Jordan Sneaker Killing

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Watch news coverage of the fatal shooting here:

On December 28th, police investigators managed to find two of the men who have been linked to the shooting, Neal Bland, 18, and Kegan Arrington, 19, and charged them both with capital murder in the killing of Wood.

All three men are scheduled to be arraigned this week.

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3 thoughts on “Third Teen Charged In Latest Air Jordan Sneaker Killing

  1. He’s not a REAL business man. This has been happening for years and it hasn’t stopped him yet. Thats just awful. I wonder has he ever reached to the victims family in any capacity? SMH

    • This is not Michaels Jordans fault. He is a great business man that’s why he’s rich. If people can not afford them but yet buy them is the fool not Jordan. Michael Jordan has every right to make a living or get richer. Nobody expect car manufacturers to stop making cars. People are carjacked and killed over their car daily. No one asked Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to stop making money because they have enough and look at all the lives lost over the internet. Children sexually assaulted, child porn, etc. So don’t blame a man for being successful. Blame the clowns that think they can take what they have not earned. Oh and I think it was a set up by the so called friend that ran. How else would they know these two men sitting in a car have jordans? The gunman went to the passenger side of a viehicle with two people in it? Really? I am not buying it. The moral of this story isn’t rich people shouldn’t sell nice things to poor people and get rich but look at that n*g*** next to you and ask yourself, “Can I trust this fool?”

  2. michael jordan should not put his name on any shoes, he has made enough money, the people who can least afford them are buying them, maybe once he lose a love one over a pair of shoe he will understand , greed has taken his soul

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