John Boehner To Harry Reid: “Go F*ck Yourself”

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As previously reported by NewsOne, the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ deal made it battered and bruised through the House with a 257-167 vote, that included 151 Republican and 16 Democratic “nays,” the Republicans blinked first and Congress passed the first tax increase in 20 years, signaling a win for Obama.

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Included in the Democratic win column was an extension of unemployment benefits and tax cuts that were in the president’s stimulus plan. Republican victories included “a permanent fix to the alternative minimum tax and estate tax.”

Boehner could not rally enough support from conservatives who refused to agree to the tax increase. But House Democrats pushed the deal through.

Boehner cast a rare Speaker vote in favor of the bill, while Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) voted no, exposing a widening rift within the Republican Party.

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