Mom Makes Son Hold Sign As Punishment For Cursing At Teacher

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Lopez, who accuses Faustin of acting like “more of a class clown” during the current school year, insisted that she has tried having long talks with Faustin, and has even taken him to counseling, all to no avail. “He’s had support from the after school community,” she said. The sign, she insisted, is being used as a last resort and not to humiliate him in front of his peers.

“This isn’t for a punishment,” said Lopez. “It’s for him to understand that I’ve tried everything I could and if this is what it takes, then this is what it takes.”

Lopez said that Faustin’s father has a criminal record, and she does not want her son to go down the same path.

She added that as an older sibling, Faustin has a responsibility to refrain from immature acts. “He has a younger sister and brother who look up to him. He needs to be a role model,” she said.

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“I completely agree with what’s going on,” a male student said. “If your son is disrespecting a teacher, the only way he’s going to learn is have him do something he won’t forget,” he added.

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