Women Senators Claim to Hold the Resolution for “Fiscal Cliff” Crisis

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Therapist Phyllis Goldberg and Rosemary Lichtman, co-founders of HerMentorCenter.com beg to differ. They find that the “mean girl” method is only used by women who are immature and easily succumb to social pressures.

“They have a lot of life experience,” Goldberg said. “Women are brought up to take care of people and situations, developing communicative and collaborative skills. Those skills in family relationships can be a metaphor for so many other things, whether in politics or business.”

Goldberg finds that the new female senators may offer a touch that is long overdue in Congress.

“The excitement, the energy, the idealism [from having more women than ever before in the Senate]—all of that can coalesce into a lot of strength and power and a willingness to reach solutions,” Goldberg suggested.

Although emotions are sometimes equated with weakness, Goldberg believes women are the experts at using emotions to express empathy towards others dealing with the effects of the recession.

“Women by nature and by early learning are very emotional,” she said. “When they see how frustrated, how discouraged, how stressed families and individuals are, they have the desire to make something happen and to bring some closure to a very painful period in people’s lives.”

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