Take That! Woman Pepper Sprays Man During Fight On Bus

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  • After a man approached an unidentified woman and apparently spit on her during a bus ride in Grand Rapids, Mich., she fired back with some “spit” of her own. Wood 8-TV reports that the woman immediately got up and sprayed the man in the face with pepper spray. The altercation began at the back of the bus where the man’s head movement suggests that he spit on her, though that has not been confirmed.

    It is not known what exactly started the fight.

    The attack forced the man backwards, making him guard his face with his hands. But he quickly charged back, punching the woman repeatedly. Others on the bus moved away from the fight. No one tried to break it up, based on the released video recording. A 2-year-old boy sitting nearly by was hit with some of the pepper spray the woman used on the male attacker. He was not seriously injured and was treated in a local hospital.

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