Hot Gifts for Cool People: Our Top 10 Hottest Gifts

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Who needs Beats when you can make your own cool headphones? The Aerial 7 DIY Tank headphones are stark white and you can use markers, paint, glitter and sharpies to create your own one of a kind design on them. Take that, Dr. Dre! The cost the same and they’re extra cool. Maybe your design will have folks wanting to buy yours, instead. GOOD FOR:Teens, hipsters, music lovers and creative types $100

Love the Yankees but think their basic blue caps are getting a little boring? Well, most Yankee fans would probably say blasphemy, but others think it’s funky to change up the colorways on the fitted for their favorite major league baseball team. If you’re one of those folks who think that way, there’s a place for you to custom make your own MLB hats. You can use your team logo with any color combination you want or even combine team logos and colors. Be the first on your block to rock that fuschia Yankees hat. GOOD FOR: Spouses who root for different teams, stylish guys, artsy sports fans, girlie girls who enjoy baseball. $57.99

What can you do for the person who seemingly has everything or has a passion for one thing in particular? Don’t just gift them once a year; gift them all year long with a gift-of-the-month club subscription. There are various kinds of gifts of the month clubs – for those who are into wine, cheese, food and even peanut butter sandwiches and teddy bears. You can get 3-month, 6-month and year-long gift subscriptions to make things more budget friendly. These are definitely gifts for someone worthy of the investment. GOOD FOR: Parents, collectors, foodies, wine enthusiasts and kids – you can choose kid-friendly packages as well. Various prices.

Give the gift of music via Spotify. The app streams just about every kind of music you can imagine and if you get a Premium account, you can play all the music offline as well. If you use Spotify, you may find you don’t even need any other option to play music. If you’re willing to help someone new to the service download the app (although it’s pretty simple to do) you can purchase a gift card at Target in increments of $10, $30 or $60, equivalent to one, three or six months of service. GOOD FOR: Serious music lovers, teens, anyone who’s lost a record collection

Since even pre-teens have an iPhone or iPod these days, a regular alarm clock just doesn’t cut it anymore. Disney has come to the rescue, though, with a Disney-themed iPod dock for kids both big and small. A dock with Disney characters Phineas and Herb is one cut choice but there are a few others. The great plus of this is not just that it can play music, but it can also help wake that oversleeping child up, too.GOOD FOR: Kids and big kids who love the Disney brand  $49.99

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