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Oh, a bloody-nosed George Zimmerman! The poor baby!

Is that the reaction Mark O’Mara, Zimmerman’s lawyer, hoped we’d have when the color photo of his client with a bloody nose was released?

Sorry, O’Mara, but my reaction was: “Oh, a bloody-nosed George Zimmerman! What a PAB he is!”

Yes, Mark, me boy, the “P” stands for “punk.” And the “A” and the “B” stand for precisely the words you think they stand for.

That’s what the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin case boils down to: a 17-year-old who defended himself against someone he thought was a potentially violent stalker, and a PAB that couldn’t have licked a postage stamp, much less Martin.

According to news reports, O’Mara hoped that the release of Zimmerman with his bloody nose “could bolster his case that Zimmerman was being beaten when he shot Trayvon Martin.”

O’Mara’s “case” doesn’t need bolstering. (And, I might add, not one of Zimmerman’s injuries sustained during the fight with Martin has even been remotely described as life-threatening.)

I don’t know if Trayvon Martin’s parents, their lawyer or any of their supporters will concede this, but I will: Trayvon Martin WAS whipping Zimmerman’s ass on the night of Feb. 26, when the youth was fatally shot.

But I’ll just as quickly add this: Trayvon Martin SHOULD have been whipping that ass.

He was walking in a gated community where his father’s girlfriend lived. He was returning from a nearby 7-Eleven, where he’d just purchased some Skittles and an Arizona iced tea.

Martin was engaged in the most basic, fundamental, constitutionally protected conduct there is: he was MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS. But in Sanford, Fla., and in the mind of Zimmerman, young black men engaged in the basic, fundamental, constitutionally protected activity of minding their own business are, in fact, either committing a crime or are about to commit a crime.

So Zimmerman, the super cop wannabe, calls the police and tells them Martin is acting “suspiciously.” He then follows Martin, ignoring police instructions that they don’t need him to do that.

In Zimmerman’s mind, he’s doing exactly what Dirty Harry would have done: tracking down a criminal, the better to confront him and issue a “make my day” challenge.

What O’Mara, Zimmerman and Zimmerman’s horde of supporters – I call them the “We just loves to kill ourselves a Negro on a Sunday” crowd – have ignored is that the crux of this entire case revolves around not what was going through Zimmerman’s mind, but what was going through Martin’s.

He’s only 17 years old. And – I really can’t repeat this enough – he’s walking down the street MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS.

All of a sudden, he turns around and discovers there’s somebody following him. At least, that’s what Martin’s girlfriend says he told her in what would prove to be the final cell phone conversation of his short life.

Martin has no idea why he’s being followed, but he’d have been justified in assuming the worst: that the man following him was some kind of nut job stalker intent on doing him harm.

It is at that point that the right to self-defense, the right to “stand your ground,” applies to Martin, not Zimmerman.

If you’re part of a neighborhood watch program and make the decision, against the advice of police, to follow someone who in fact has committed no crime, then that becomes an at-your-own-risk proposition.

If you’re a 17-year-old being followed by someone you think might want to do you harm, you might be inclined to panic and attack that person.

And you’d be justified.

Yes, I believe there was a fight between Martin and Zimmerman. And I believe, as the photos indicate, that Martin was getting the better of it.

But, and any man who’s been on the receiving end of an ass whipping will concede this, getting the worst of a fistfight has never been grounds for fatally shooting the guy giving you the beat down, unless the guy is either a professional boxer or trained mixed martial arts combatant.

As much as Zimmerman’s supporters have tried to portray Martin as an arch criminal with a history of violence – neither of which happens to be true – they’ve presented no evidence to indicate that the youth was a professional boxer or trained mixed martial arts combatant.

What those supporters have proved is this: Zimmerman thought he was a badass neighborhood watch captain who thought he could handle his business, but couldn’t.

Had he just recognized what a PAB he really is, and stood down accordingly, he wouldn’t be facing second-degree murder charges today.

And Trayvon Martin would be looking forward to celebrating his 18th birthday.

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