Mich. Voters Welcome Eight-Time Felon into State House

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  • The election results are stirring controversy beyond the presidential level.

    Democrats in Michigan celebrated a victory when Brian Banks won the Michigan State House race for District 1 in a landslide.  However, Banks’ record as an eight-time felon has some citizens questioning his judgment.

    Banks was convicted of credit card fraud and writing hot checks eight times between 1998 and 2004. The new state representative has owned up to his mistakes.

    “Yes, I’ve made many poor decisions, and yes, I have a record, but that’s exactly what it is, my past,” Banks said. “I would ask them to look at what I’ve accomplished professionally and academically, since my poor decisions.”

    The 35-year-old, whose campaign slogan was ironically “You can Bank on Banks,” defeated Republican Dan Schulte 86 percent to 32 percent in the newly drawn District 1. The area is comprised of Detroit’s east side known as Harper Woods as well as Grosse Pointes, home to Detroit’s affluent.

    “You can’t be an attorney or doctor with a felony, and I don’t think you can teach elementary school with a felony,” Schulte told local newspapers earlier this year. “If you can’t do any of those things, I don’t know why you can be a legislator.”

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    3 thoughts on “Mich. Voters Welcome Eight-Time Felon into State House

    1. Since his convictions he has completed a law degree and is currently pursuing his PhD. Congratulations on a successful re-entry into society. Not many conviced felons can say that they are college graduates. I know many black people that have criminal pasts. I guess its not how you start a race that matters but how you finish it. I hope is is successful for the sake of his constiuency.

    2. How ironic. I thought once you’re a convicted felon you lost your voting rights, but he can run for government office? Must be how the marijuana law slid through…

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