LeBron James’ Mom, Gloria James’ Stank Attitude, is Wearing Thin

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Since Ms. James’ arrest on April 7, 2011 she has abused her quasi-celebrity status and flouted the justice system.

At the time she was arrested, she refused to cooperate with the arresting police officers.

Despite the fact that she was arrested for disorderly intoxication, an arrest typically requiring overnight incarceration, she was released from the booking station almost immediately to a Miami Heat executive.

She was offered her initial pre-trial diversion program without your office having consulted with our client first and ultimately the offer was made against his wishes.

In the civil case, she missed two court ordered mediations and was sanctioned by the trial court for her continuing misconduct.”

Stok also takes a swipe at the pre-trial diversion program offered by the State Attorney’s office to Gloria James earlier this year in which she completed community service instead of jail in the valet-slapping incident.

Stok writes the woman has “a long history of criminal arrests in her home state of Ohio” and should not have been allowed in pre-trial intervention.

When asked in an email if the State Attorney’s office is being overprotective of Gloria James, Spokesman Ed Griffith simply said: “No!”

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