Chrysler Closes Shop to Allow Employees to Vote

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The company continued to have the President’s back when Gilles issued a retort to Donald Trump’s announcement last week by tweeting: “you are full of —-!”

Over a decade ago, auto companies gave their employees the day off to participate in the election leaving many GOP officials unhappy.

“That will be the biggest corporate contribution in American political history,” said Gov. John Engler at the time. “Because the corporations will be paying the wages and the U.A.W. will be using the manpower to attempt to defeat Republican candidates.”

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3 thoughts on “Chrysler Closes Shop to Allow Employees to Vote

  1. I see a new Chrysler in my near future!!!!…I hope and pray there is no backlash from those greedy employers who tried to instill fear in their employees to vote for romney.

  2. Now that’s the way a responsible business owner should treat it’s employees. I don’t want to think about how David Siegel/West Gate Resorts CEO(who warn his employees not to vote for Pres. Obama or they may lose their jobs) is going to treat his employees now that Pres. Obama has been re-elected.

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