Wedding Bells for Shaun T

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But getting married doesn’t stop the business side of Shaun’s life. After touring with Powerade this summer and taking “Insanity” all around the country, he released “Insanity: Asylum” late this summer. The latest edition of the “Insanity” series uses sports training methods that promise to get people into amazing shape. For Shaun T., fitness is not just a business; it’s his own way of life. He says that “Insanity” was something he created not for profit, but because he wanted to see others become confident and fit.

“I played football, basketball, and track and field, those were my sports,” Shaun told “I actually went to college and I gained the freshman 50. So I gained a lot of weight my first year cause I was focused on academics. After that I really appreciated what health and fitness did for me in my earlier years. I really wanted to feel good like that again. Experiencing the quote, unquote not happy with my body feeling, I wanted to inspire people to be like you know what, you can be happy and fit and healthy with your life. So it is truly my passion to motivate people to be a happier, healthier them. From that experience that I had in college I got into the fitness world. I started teaching classes, personal training, actually became a professional dancer and choreographer. I took some of my sports training that I did in college too and created “Insanity” and “Asylum.” So I do what I do because I love to help people.”

Check out the “Insanity:Asylum” video here.

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