Romney Allegedly Has Interest in Ohio Voting Booths

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  • Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may have the ability to swindle Ohio voters simply through the voting machine.

    New reports claim that Romney owns stock in Hart Intercivic, the company responsible for calculating the voting results in Hamilton County.

    This is not the first time voting machines have been called into question during a presidential election. One of the central issues during the controversial 2004 presidential race between George W. Bush and John Kerry involved strange calculations provided by the Diebold voting machines favoring Bush. At the time, the company publicly supported him.

    The new report said that investments in these types of companies appear to be a common occurrence.

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    3 thoughts on “Romney Allegedly Has Interest in Ohio Voting Booths

    1. Yes the romneys need to be investigated!! There is no way they didn’t know this was a “conflict of interest”!! mitt has how many degrees supposedly?! he knew, just shows how low down and coniving he & his family are with their win at any cost higher than mighty attitudes!! and believe it when he says he will end planned parenthood (which means women who can’t afford cancer screenings for breast and vagina cancers won’t be able to get them!!) mitt also said he would end PBS, and the Latinos & Mexicans better know that he is not their friend either!! when he was talking about that 47% you all were in that number too!! Remember, you are not voting for a “Pope”, you are voting for a “President”!! Our current President believes in God and he also believes in the Constitution!! Let God deal with people you think have a “moral” issue, because we are all sinners not just gay people, but that’s for God to judge!!

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