Nielsen’s Top Mobile Phone Facts

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1) At the end of 2011, half of African-American mobile users owned a smartphone

2) 44% of all new mobile phone purchases by  African-Americans are smartphones

3) In 2011, 37% of African-Americans were Android users, 16% were Apple iPhone users, 30% Blackberry users

4) African-Americans send/receive about 907 texts a month

5) African-Americans talk about 1,298 minutes a month (more than twice that of White Americans)

6) 78% of African-Americans use smartphones for text messaging

7) 51%  of African-American use their smartphones for picture messaging

8) 43% of African-Americans use their smartphones for email

9) 41% of African-Americans use their smartphones for mobile Internet

10) 37% ofAfrican-Americans use their smartphones for social networking


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