Boy Shoots Himself in Front of Class

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  • FAIRMOUNT (AP) — A Fairmount high school student shot himself in front of his classmates in an apparent suicide attempt Thursday morning, school officials said.

    The student, whose name, age and condition were not immediately released, shot himself at around 8:30 a.m. and didn’t threaten anyone else at the school, Principal Jay Townsend said.

    The roughly 110 students were ordered to the library after the shooting and the school was locked down for about an hour before officials cancelled classes for the day.


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    One thought on “Boy Shoots Himself in Front of Class

    1. When stand your ground is not a viable option: A few years back I was a driver/security for an up and coming actress. We all know its general knowledge that when the sun sets emerges the bad guys/marauders. It’s around 4am in the morning, we on the way back from the shoot. My assignment spotted a young lady she knew from the filming, broke down on the fringes of over-town near the I 95 north ramp. Two predators were approaching her from two different directions which I had to convince to back down before rendering assistance. The “mickey mouse” I performed on her battery worked and we all safely hit the north ramp pedals to metal.

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