DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo Speaks Out

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7 thoughts on “DC Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo Speaks Out

  1. Creepy interview. He’s a prime example of you are what you’re taught. Even though he knew it was wrong, he didn’t want to disappoint the only parent who showed him attention. I still for the victims and their families.

  2. How can they, the family members move on when at every turn something reminds them that their loved ones are no longer with them? they will never see nor have birthdays, marriages, births, grandkids, etc. Malvo wants to be absolved, and I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. As for leaving them to a “just God” for punishment, everyone may not be on your same sheet of music. I’m all about the 9/11 saying, “We will never forget”.

  3. orgiveness is NOT about the perpetrator, it is for the victims (who have not dies) and thier families. It does not mean the perpetrators are not guilty, it means you move on as best you can and leave them to a just God who WILL handle them. Living without your loved one is enough to have to deal with than to hold on to the thought of the monstors that have caused your pain. Don’t let them take up space in you mind or life ANY MORE THAN NECESSARY!.

  4. He was a child when he was led to commit the murders at the hands of his father, the real monster!!! I personally believe in forgiveness, and I think he deserves at the very least, to live his life in prison as he was granted.

  5. He may be remorseful, but he should never be forgiven. How dare he ask the families to move on with their lives and not consider themselves to be victims. Some things ARE worth it and also remembering. To make such a statement, even at the age of 27, shows that he still doesn’t know the depth of hurt, agony and pain him and Muhammad caused. I hope the look he saw on the victim’s husband’s face is burned into his memory forever. Their actions 10 years ago are still having the domino effect. Those people will always be victims. Does he realize that he and Muhammad terrorized a portion of the East Coast that put fear in everyone’s hearts and minds? I live in the area they terrorized and it was scary. Every day, I wondered, when are they going to catch this guy or these people because no one knew when or where they would strike again. I know this sounds crazy and I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, but I made it a point to hide behind obstacles when I pumped gas, and never leisurely strolled to my car after leaving a store, I ran. In reality, although I wasn’t wounded or killed, he still made me and everyone else a victim too. I look back on that time and still get the chills. I really don’t care what Malvo has to say, he only wants to ease his conscience. That’s like sitting down with Osama Bin Laden to hear him plead his case for 9/11. Just like Timothy McVeigh, I’m glad they gave Muhammad his swift and just punishment, execution style.

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