VIDEO: Dominique Dawes Reacts to Gabby Douglas’s Win

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Dominique Dawes Reacts to Gabby Douglas’s Win

  1. Dominique Daws knows the “subjecivness” of the judges scoring, that is what resonated last night. If Gabby could keep her composure as she did she is the CHAMPION and the judges could not deny her. Kool as a cucumber!!! My hat is off to her family for their support. I sent my daughter to Karoli’s camp at age 6 for a week in hopes that she could train with the best but so many are hand-picked while others are never noticed. It takes determination and drive to be an Olympian. Dominique you too were and are a class act! OBAMA 2012

  2. I have been highly anticipating Dominique’s commentary on Gabby. WOW– to see this torch being passed is totally amazing!!! I am so very proud of these two outstanding athletes– extremely inspirational.

  3. You r so right those people who were talking about her hair most likely have a head full of fake hair that little girl won gold you think she give a dam about her hair.

  4. I loved your interview this morning Dominique and I agree that I do not like the fact that a world class athlete such as Gabby should not be referred to as a “flying squirrel”. That is not a cute pet name for the world to call a world class athlete. I like Fabby Gabby meaning fabulous Gabby because she is fabulous! I could even see her developing some great marketing materials with that name. Fabby Gabby and her great olympian escapades. But definitely not “flying squirrels, flying monkeys or flying any other animal reference”. Just my two cents.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO GABBY DOUGLAS! We are so proud of you, you were absolutely phenomenal last night during the all around competition, as well as the team finals. Your routines had a serious degree of difficulty and you pulled them off, and with class! Way to go girl! Unfortunately, on the MSNBC “Ed Show” yesterday, Michael Eric Dyson had to put some shallow, ignorant, haters in check, who could only talk about her hair. (how STUPID is that?!!) Instead of being happy & proud of her, these people could only mention how her hair supposedly wasn’t “done”. Mr. Dyson got them straight, & got them told. We, as a race, should be above such pettiness, I’m sure none of those tweeters could do a fraction of what Gabby dominated on a world stage. Gabby, hold your head high, and be proud that all of your dedication and hard work paid off in a profound way, & that we are very proud of you!

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