Ten Things to Know About Child Support

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6. Child support and visitation rights are exclusive of each other. They are two different legal matters. If one parent is prohibited from seeing a child, it does not allow them to legally stop paying child support.

7. Bankruptcy does not eliminate the requirement to pay child support no matter how far in debt the child support provider may be in. A judge cannot remove due or overdue child support payments.

8. Child support orders can be altered through a court order. Either parent can go back to the judge and request that the child support be increased, decreased, or eliminated.

9. If the child support provider is unemployed, they are still required to pay all court-ordered child support unless they’ve received a written, court-ordered modification that deems otherwise.

10. Parents who fail to pay child support can faces serious consequences such as wage garnishment, jail time, asset seizure, credit bureau reporting, driver’s license suspension, passport denial, and having your unemployment benefits withheld.

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