Parents Allowed Young Daughter to Change Gender

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  • Two parents helped their four-year –old daughter live her life as a boy.

    Sarah and Yuri Brown said that at age two their daughter Sophie told them she was a boy.

    "At first I didn’t argue with her much, as I thought it was just a phase. But she was insistent,” Sarah said. 

    Psychological tests diagnosed Sophie with Gender Identity Disorder.

    Brown showed her an anatomy book to explain that she was a girl. However, Sophie insisted that she was indeed a boy despite her female parts. She thought her parents changed her.

    At age four, Sophie refused to wear dresses, many which were passed down from her older sister Olivia who is eight.

    Although Olivia has the interests of many young girls her age such as fashion and makeup, Sophie prefers superheroes. 

    "Once when she was wearing the costume someone came up and said, ‘Oh you are Spidergirl’. But she was insistent, ‘No, I’m Spiderman,’ her mother said. .

    "She started wearing androgynous, plain white tank tops to school. I sat down and said, ‘What’s wrong with your clothes, why won’t you wear them?’ And she said, ‘They’re too girlie,’ Sarah told reporters. 

    Sophie’s parents said that she’s always identified with the male characters on TV and even portrayed male roles when playing games.

    Her parents decided to allow Sophie to live her life as a boy when she began imitating a man shaving.

    “…she got into our medicine cabinet and tried to use my razor, pretending to shave her face, and she cut her lip,” Yuri said. 

    Sarah and Yuri found a therapist and decided to research Gender Identity Disorder. They found that if parents are not supportive of the child’s desire to live a transgender they can likely suffer from anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and emotional scars.

    They said Sophie was thrilled to learn that they supported her, especially since she could finally shop in the boys department.  

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