Got ‘Gaydar?’

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"Why this is we can only speculate," Tabak said. "It's really interesting to speculate that there might be this ironic effect that because we're more familiar with the concept of gay men [in the media], maybe we're more liberal with labeling a man gay."

Tabak and his research team are now using brain imaging to evaluate a person’s brain activity as they review photos of gay and straight people, without knowing their orientations.

"You don't think about judging whether someone is a man or a woman," Tabak said. "You just know."

Study critics such as Ebony Magazine’s Michael Arceneaux believe that ‘gaydar’ is a bogus skill.

“This study seems a little flawed, so while I won’t say there aren’t times when I haven’t correctly spotted a fellow gay, there are plenty of times where it’s just wishful thinking on my part,” Arceaneaux admitted.

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