Kelly Price Racially Profiled?

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  • R&B singer Kelly Price believes she was racially profiled on a recent trip to Mobile, Alabama on her way to perform at the city's "Funk Fest."

    According to Price, she was waiting to board a flight on United Airways when she encountered a service agent, whom she believed was unprofessional and rude. Price said that instead of serving her for First class, the agent skipped over her to attend to a male, white passenger.

    Price tweeted her anger writing:

    "Stephanie from United Airlines in Houston, Texas is the nastiest agent I've ever come across in my life!!!"

    "She refused me service today because I refused to get in the back of the other line. She said the line I was in was premier and first class only."

    Price attests that she was in fact, a first class and premier customer, but the agent assumed otherwise based on her skin color.



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