Ex-Facebook Employee Exposes Founder in Book

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When the incident was reported to Zuckerberg he responded by saying: “What does that even mean?”

Losse said that the chauvinistic culture improved after the company hired Sheryl Sandberg.

“The arrival of Sheryl Sandberg really helped because she was vocal and would say, ‘I really care about women in the workplace,’” Losse said. “It was a clear turning point for the company in terms of knowing that these things were serious and [that harassment] needed to stop happening.”

Losse also exposes the harassment that took place outside of the office. She described an incident at a Las Vegas strip club where her male co-workers would bark at the women they did not find attractive.

“’Leave! You’re not pretty enough!’ one of them seemed to say over the din of the club as he shooed the girls away in succession like so many servants,” Losse writes.

In the book, Losse shares that employees were often asked to access every Facebook user’s account including their private messages. Employees also used Judgebook to assess Facebook users by their looks.

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