ANALYSIS: Romney Goes After the Black Vote

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  • Mitt Romney is not giving up on the black vote.

    The billionaire Republican nominee for president will address the NAACP’s national convention in July at a time when Romney is being attacked by the Obama campaign for being completely out of touch with many hard-working Americans, and particularly with the black community.

    Will Romney explain to civil rights leaders why he belongs to a Mormon religion that believes blacks were actually “cursed” with dark skin by God?

    Not likely.

    Romney, who has a net worth of about $200 million, comes to the NAACP convention with plenty of rhetorical baggage. He famously said during separate interviews that:

    “I’m not concerned about the very poor.” "

    “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.”

    "[My wife] drives a couple of Cadillacs."

    "I should tell my story. I'm also unemployed."

    And here’s a personal favorite: During an uncomfortable photo-op with a group of black kids at a Martin Luther King, Jr. parade, Romney uttered this bizarre remark:  "Who let the dogs out? Who, who."

    Condescending.  Racially insensitive. Ignorant.

    And what was his point?

    Romney is the worst kind of politician: he’s a political shape-shifter: He tries to transform himself into the audience that he’s speaking to at the moment.

    Last month, for example, he told a group white blue-collar Southerners that he now likes “grits,” but said he’s never eaten grits on a regular basis – if at all.

    So what can Romney say to NAACP delegates to persuade African-Americans to embrace his candidacy?

    Probably nothing – but that won’t stop Romney from trying.

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    9 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: Romney Goes After the Black Vote

    1. The only way Mitt gets in the White House is if the Rethugithans and the tea baggers pull off another scam that tops the 2000 election. If they try the butterfly ballots, we have to pay attention. If they don’t let a Democratic heavy voter precient open on time, we know the ‘fix’ is in. Let’s keep praying that President Obama gets a second term and gets a Congress that will work WITH him.
      OBAMA 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I hope the NAACP gives Mr. Romney the What Fors asking Him why Newt and the rest of Mitt’s friends met and conspired in the dark of night to ensure President Obama wouldnt get credit for the things he has done. Why are We letting these leaches get away with talking loud and saying Nothing? Its time for the GOP to become very uncomfortable when it realates to Contempt Charges of Eric Holder, Impreachment rumors about our President all while Mitt refuses to release his Taxes and information about his Camon Island holdings

    3. ……Oh well here we go agan……..’Beware”……Wolf I n Sheep Clothing…….Black….these people …… ‘Republican Party’…..not looking out for…..don’t be Fooled….by all these 7 or 8… Black Republican Folks they march in front of you……..You better not just cover your plate…….make sure you ‘C.Y.A’

    4. Mr Greedy…now he`s interested in Blacks, that will fade away right after the elections are over. Don`t fall for the Banana in the tail pipe

    5. If President Obama is no different than GWB, how come the Rethugithans and the tea baggers wants him as a ‘one term President’? MY President is doing a better job than Dubya and you all don’t like it!!

    6. I sure hope the NAACP grills his a– with every question that they can think of with regard to the black community, unemployment stats. & other issues. That should make for an interesting conversation. This man is not to be trusted with anything; he changes his stance on issues the way that I change clothes.

    7. Mitt Romney has his work cut out for him. He comes across as robotic and disconnected when out of his comfort zone. All the NAACP has to do is to look at his record as governor of Massachusetts. That will provide an idea of where Romney is going. He may get polite applause at the NAACP convention but Romney still has to contend with the Tea party faction of the Republican party. They can put him on the fast track at the Republican convention or shut him down altogether.

    8. Obama is no different than George Bush is no different than Clinton Is no different than George Sr. And the next president will be no different than Obama. The only differences you see are in the media which placate to everyone’s ignorance of policies. Obama is an actor. All of the presidents are actors and your watching a movie. The presidential race/debates have turned into a game. Even the terminology used during debates is that of a children’s game i.e “He really scored some points with that statement” or “He won voters in Texas”. Obama is just as bad as Bush he is just Bush 2.10. Bush was Clinton 2.0 and etc. Your just seeing a different version of the same agenda.

    9. I don’t see how anyone with a heart and any common sense can vote against someone who has done more to help working folks than anyone else, during one of the worse economys on record, despite the opposition. We’ve had the worse presidency on record with George Bush, now we have the congress of “NO” trying to make it worse so that we can get Romney?? PASS! Romney will help himself before he helps anyone else.

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