NeNe Leakes to Earn 1 Milllion Dollars Next Season

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  • According to recent reports, the I am very rich, b–ch!" star NeNe Leakes of the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" will become just that much richer next season.

    Last season NeNe Leakes  became the highest paid reality star in “RHOA” history pulling in around $750,000.

    In recent interviews, Leakes has mentioned being tired of reality TV and plans of gearing her career path towards scripted TV. However, the rumor is that BRAVO is offering to pay Leakes $1 million to stay aboard for another season.

    There is yet to be any official word of the offer. But it's safe to say for $1 million, we will be seeing Leakes on our TV screens next season.

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    3 thoughts on “NeNe Leakes to Earn 1 Milllion Dollars Next Season

    1. Hell if that’s the case EVERYONE should be able reality stars!! Be great to make as much as Denzel Washington and have absolutely no talent!!

    2. It’s sad that you can earn more being an as shole than being a teacher, but that’s the world we live in today. Get yours, NeNe…PEACE.

    3. BLANK STARE—–> great for the rich yoy know what she better stay her butt somewhere where they are paying the bill stardom can be fleeting one minute you may be riding a wave of popularity the next week no one remembers your name

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