When a woman flows freely

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  • There’s nothing like a woman who’s in her flow. When she’s in her groove not only is life good for her but everyone around her reaps the benefits.

    Being in her flow is a result of her feeding her spirit. It’s when she’s free to live beyond one role in her life but she can in fact fulfill all the roles that make sense to her. I’m not talking about being “Everywoman;” For her it’s enough to be her OWN woman.

    Multiple roles are nothing new to us. As women seeking and achieving success, we often find ourselves wearing various hats to successfully function in our roles of mother, daughter, sister-friend, lover, boss, employee, performer, writer, preacher, teacher, and the list goes on. We must discover and find effective ways to make time to do what is important to us. For some reason, when we fall in love we tend to give up our power. We forget about how we had-it-going-on before the relationship. Remember, that’s why he fell for you in the first place – because you are a desirable and a valuable woman.

    There is so much more to today’s woman than meets the eye. At any given moment, a sister may be working as a vice president of a bank, political activist, or secretary. On the right, she’s a mother, a sister-friend, a girlfriend or wife. Look to the left, this sister is flowing as producer, actress, soul-singer, rap diva or dancer. These are the dynamics of being a multi-faceted.

    Some of us get stuck in one or two roles. Not because there’s not more to us, but because life can be overwhelming. We need to keep our motivation and sense of self. Stay focused on the dream that makes us feel free, creative, smart or special. Our spiritual, mental and financial survival requires us to function in all of our roles without shame or guilt. Creating satisfaction in our inner-most self is as essential as breathing.

    Be you

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