Four Olives

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What’s not so simple is trying to get as many meals as I should be eating each day. And that’s why I stood in front of my refrigerator the other night just before going to bed, telling myself the olives would fulfill my salt craving, along with the olive oil that provides the good type of cholesterol that I need. And it wasn’t a heavy meal before bedtime. I know, I know — tell yourself what you need to hear.

Here’s what you need to hear: Joining Team Sybil on the State Farm 50 Million Pound Challenge will make us all winners. It’s a win-win! we’re working to get our sexy back, and four lucky winners/losers will set sail with Tom on the largest floating party with a purpose: the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage! The drawing takes place Tuesday, April 7th.

Text Tom your email address at 646464, join Team Sybil, and I may see you at the Martini Bar for a round of olives — for the sake of our hearts!

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