Do you know a Black man with a garden? If so, give that man his flowers; he deserves them. Every Black man you know should consider building a garden in their apartment or home and for good reason. Besides the obvious reason like good air quality in the bachelor pad, green life can work wonders […]

Little Known Black History Facts, Originals

African slaves pre- and post-slavery held gardening traditions with spiritual roots that some blacks in America carry forward today. Traditions like upside-down glass bottles hanging from tree limbs are meant to capture evil spirits that might get into the yard. The bottles were typically blue, the color that repels evil spirits. The appearance of vertical […]

If You Missed It, Originals

Hello Mr. Joyner: My name is Gwendolyn Washington and i would like to request a Christmas Wish for my husband, brennan. After a successful career in information technology, Brennan has been heavily involved in helping to build local food systems in Georgia. Our farm, Phoenix Gardens has been recognized as a shining example of urban […]

First Lady Michelle Obama keeps a pretty busy schedule as First Lady, probably doing more before sunrise than most of us do in a whole day. But she’s managed to write a #1 New York Times bestseller, “American Grown: The Story of The White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America,” a gorgeously photographed coffee table book […]