Michael Cottman

President Barack Obama ordered a 12-inch hoagie and met with several business owners inside a trendy café in Washington, D.C. Wednesday to solicit support for his congressional “To-Do” list designed, in part, to help grow the economy in urban areas. “You’ve got three small businesses who are outstanding examples of American entrepreneurship, whether it’s food […]

National News

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — Mitt Romney is trying harder than ever these days to stay on script — and keep his traveling national press corps at arm’s length. The latest clash came Wednesday when aides to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee blocked the reporters who cover Romney daily from asking him questions at the […]

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The NAACP is launching a push to make sure African Americans and other minorities get to the polls this November and register voters. Head man Ben Jealous announced the campaign recently at Clark-Atlanta University at the national launch of the NAACP’s “This Is My Vote!” campaign, with the goal being to register scores of new […]

National News

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama tried Monday to tarnish Mitt Romney as a corporate titan who got rich by cutting rather than creating jobs, opening a new effort to undercut the Republican’s claims that his background of business success is just what America needs in a time of deep economic uncertainty. At the center […]