DL’s Top 10

Some of y’all out there are trying to hold on to your youth even though you know those days are long gone. Even if you “still got it,” your name could be a dead giveaway of your age. Names like Lucille,  Ruth, Gilbert, Hilda and Sylvester really age you. Just accept that you’re getting older…or […]

There are a lot of untruths surrounding the idea and institution of marriage. Most of them need to be unlearned, for example, the idea that you have to “earn the ring” is completely false. Also ignore the idea that wives shouldn’t bother their husband with their problems. Think about it, if you can’t talk to […]

Have you ever been so hung over that you say “I’m never drinking again?” Well….if you decided to make good on that statement there are a number of things you will definitely not miss about drinking. Like, the legal consequences (DUIs), how much money you spend on drinks, and spending time getting drunk instead of […]

When looking for a new relationship, being asked on a date is exciting! But there are a few first date ideas that you should probably turn down. While going to a casino is a fun night out with friends, it’s probably not the best place for a first date. And chilling at home is great, […]

Guys tend to think they’re smooth but often times they aren’t. There are normally some pretty clear signs that guy from work is trying to sleep wit you. If he brings you treats or snacks to work, attempts to have inside jokes with you, or he holds way too much eye contact with you.  

After an argument you may think you’re over it but odds are you’re not totally over it. We tend to become passive aggressive when trying to move on from an argument, we’ll do things like go to bed early so you don’t have to deal with that person. You might even take teasing too far […]

The Flu shot has mixed reviews but, there are some really good reasons to get one. There’s the obvious one which is it lowers your chance of getting the flu. But, getting the flu shot also protects loved ones (like babies), you’ll save your sick days at work if you don’t get sick, and you […]

Jay-Z is one of the most successful entertainers and businessmen of our time. People often say they’d pass up on large amounts of money just to sit down and talk to Jay for an hour. Here are some of the secrets to his success. One is that he accepts help from mentor, he demands respect, […]

Marriage is hard, but one thing nobody wants to do is give up! But, there are some ridiculous reasons people consider divorce. For example, they want the kind of love they see in the movies,their in-laws are annoying, or their friends have suggested they get a divorce. Listen to the audio above for the full […]

Aging is a beautiful thing, and actually many say life gets better as you get older. As you age you know how to get through things, you know who you are and what you like better, and you’ve built strong bonds that act as safety blankets. But, D.L. says it could have something to do […]

As the holiday’s approach nobody wants to think about breaking up with bae! If you happen to breakup with your boo, don’t tell your mom! Why, you ask? Because there’s a possibility you may have an arranged marriage, she may say she told you so and she might make you a Tinder profile.

Having a baby is a life changing thing, but sometimes conceiving can be difficult. There are a few things you could try to boost your man’s fertility. Eating tomatoes, fish, carrots, greens, nuts and drinking beer, could help. Also try having sex often. Happy baby making!