Anita Baker

The Tom Joyner Morning Show wishes Anita Baker a very happy birthday! Born in Toledo, Ohio and raised in Detroit, Michigan Baker sings songs that transcends time. She started out in the group Chapter 8 before breaking off for a solo career that birthed her first album The Songtress and hit song Angel. She’ll be returning to the […]

  Tom Joyner announced that guests aboard the 2018 Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage will be treated to an exclusive Evening With Anita Baker. The eight-time Grammy Award winner will honor radio pioneer Tom Joyner by performing live aboard his annual benefit cruise sailing April 29 – May 6, 2018. Anita Baker’s performance will be a […]

Good Lord! Say it isn’t so. OK, we’ll say it isn’t so. Unfortunately that doesn’t make it NOT make it so. Alright, alright, enough babel. Here’s the deal. Legendary Detroit bred songstress Anita Baker is saying it’s time to close the curtain on her singing career. Yes, she’s retiring. Say it isn’t so! Baker started […]

It was all a hoax. That looks to be the verdict as Cheryl Lynn is disputing all the talk surrounding tweets she supposedly sent to fellow R&B singer Anita Baker. Speaking to, Lynne’s manager, Thurlene Johnson stated that the tweets in question did not come from a verified account. Adding to that, Johnson mentioned […]

Yes, you read that correctly. Old school divas Anita Baker and Cheryl Lynn are beefing folks. And they’ve taken it to Twitter. Apparently the Got To Be Real singer didn’t take too well to being blocked on Twitter by Anita Baker and went in! See the tweets below. As of now, Anita either erased her […]

DETROIT (AP) — A lawyer who represented Anita Baker against allegations that she failed to pay for work done on her Detroit-area home is suing the singer, saying she owes him money. Jamal Hamood filed a $150,000 lawsuit against Baker on Monday in Wayne County Circuit Court. It was Hamood who earlier this year said […]

DETROIT — A lawyer who represented Anita Baker (pictured) against allegations that she failed to pay for work done on her Detroit-area home is suing the…

  There was a warrant out for soul singer Anita Baker’s arrest for missing a court hearing. In response to her legal troubles, listen to this hilarious remix of Anita’s classic hit song “I Apologize” (the arrest warrant version)! RELATED: Anita Baker Responds To Her Arrest Warrant: ‘Devil Sho Is Busy’ RELATED: Anita Baker Issued Warrant For […]

Anita Baker can relax. She’s no longer wanted in Detroit after a judge in Michigan withdrew a warrant for her arrest over an outstanding home decorating bill. The veteran singer hit headlines on March 19 when a lawyer for Ray A. Smith Painting & Decorating, who had worked on her Gross Pointe home, accused her […]

Anita Baker is finally speaking out about her current legal situation. As we reported earlier, authorities issued a warrant for the 56-year-old’s arrest because she…

Comedian Chris Paul talks Madonna’s hairy armpit, Anita Baker’s arrest warrant and UMass gets kicked in the a** and other NCAA upsets.

Anita Baker is finally speaking out about the arrest warrant situation she finds herself in.  TMZ reports: The guy didn’t even finish the job and what he did do was so shoddy that she took matters into her own hands by climbing up a ladder and basically did the spackling job herself. Things apparently went awry […]