1. You connected to the internet via ‘dial up’.

2. Ayds was a small candy used for weight loss.

3. You used liquid paper to fix your typing mistakes and carbon to make your copies.

4. You ate Now-or-Laters when they were actually hard.

5. You watched your shows on big back TVS and you actually had to get up to change the channel.

6. Rubiks Cube was the best thing out.

7. You grew up only playing music on this.

8. You watched Saturday morning cartoons like “Tom and Jerry”.

9. When these were your only means of communication outdoors.

10. When you couldn’t find the cord to the TV remote, you couldn’t watch TV.

11. You had to actually walk over to answer the telephone and you didn’t have to use area codes when dialing locally.

12. When this is what your favorite music came in.