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Sybil’s Birthday Shout-Outs


Michael B. Jordan, 37

Joe Pesci, 81 (Casino, Goodfellas, Home Alone)

Alice Walker, 80 (Author of Color Purple)



 William Henry Harrison (9th US President 1773-1841)

Wilhelm Maybach (Initial designer of Mercedes Benz cars, Maybach car named after him 1846-1929)

Sybil Wilkes Top 5 Stories for ‘What You Need To Know:’ February 9, 2024

1. Colorado Residents Face Uphill Challenge in Kicking Trump Off the Primary Ballot

Donald Trump Hosts Caucus Night Watch Party In Las Vegas Source:Getty

Colorado Residents Face Uphill Challenge in Kicking Trump Off the Primary Ballot

 What You Need to Know:

The United States Supreme Court heard arguments Thursday in what some legal analysts have called the most consequential case tied to a presidential election since Bush vs. Gore in 2000. 

The case of Trump v. Anderson is the appeal of a Colorado decision to take candidate Trump off that state’s Republican primary ballot due to his involvement in the violent attack on the Capitol, January 6, 2021. 

This case stems from the efforts of a group of Colorado citizens who sought to get Trump kicked off the state’s primary ballot, as a result of the United States Constitution. At the heart of their argument is Section 3 of the 14th Amendment which, after the Civil War, prevented “officers” who took an oath to support the Constitution from serving in government if they engage in insurrection. 

The wording of Section 3 begged a number of  questions, including, “Did Donald Trump engage in a rebellion or insurrection, if he didn’t break into the Capitol himself?” And, “Is the President an Officer of the United States?”

Lastly, there is the question of whether one state can determine the placement of Donald Trump’s name on ballots of all states across the country?

2. The Rise of “Reverse Discrimination” Lawsuits

Gavel Source:Getty

The Rise of “Reverse Discrimination” Lawsuits


What You Need to Know:

 White employees are making headlines as they file “reverse discrimination” lawsuits in racialized instances, raising questions about workplace dynamics and cultural sensitivity. One such case involves Carl Borg-Neal, a former Lloyds bank manager, who was awarded up to £500,000 ($637,000) in damages after being fired for using the N-word during an anti-racism seminar.

Borg-Neal, dismissed by Lloyds in 2021, argued that his use of the offensive slur resulted from dyslexia, lacking malice. While the tribunal ruled in his favor, stating Lloyds went too far, the case added a racial dimension as Borg-Neal, a White, middle-aged male, questioned if his race played a role in the dismissal. Despite facing disability discrimination, the tribunal rejected claims of racial discrimination.

3.  What Is COPD? The Pulmonary Condition Every Black Person Should Know About

Human Respiratory System Lungs Anatomy Source:Getty

 What Is COPD? The Pulmonary Condition Every Black Person Should Know About

What You Need to Know:


Unfortunately, Black people in the U.S. are more susceptible to many diseases. One of them is a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD. Many with African ancestry are at higher risk because of physical characteristics, family history, socioeconomic status, and, if applicable, cigarette smoking. Because the disease has most likely progressed significantly once symptoms are apparent, African Americans should reduce their risk if at all possible and know the most common symptoms to ensure an early diagnosis. This is vital for the most effective disease control measures.

What is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

It is important to note that while asthma is also an obstructive pulmonary disease, COPD is a progressive disease. In contrast, asthma can be controlled and, in some cases, reversed with medication and lifestyle changes. (READ MORE)

4. A Mexican Drag Star Makes Television History 

Brush stroke with rainbow flag, isolated on transparent background, vector illustration Source:Getty

A Mexican Drag Star Makes Television History 


 What You Need to Know:



Guillermo Barraza is the first ever drag queen to host a news program for Mexican TV. 

The 32-year-old has always wanted to push boundaries of society in a place where both LGBTQ+ people and journalists are violently targeted. Recently, there was the violent death of one of his guests. They were also one of the most prominent queer figures in the country who was found dead along with their partner. This was the first openly nonbinary person to assume a judicial position in Mexico. 

5. Black and Women-Owned Eyewear Brand Delivers Style and Function to the Masses

Eyeglasses shop. Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman's hand chooses glasses. Source:Getty

Black and Women-Owned Eyewear Brand Delivers Style and Function to the Masses


What You Need to Know:


These days, more and more people are expressing their unique style by sporting fashionable eyewear. Nancey Harris and Tracy Green, co-founders of Vontélle Eyewear, are filling this need and making waves in this multi-billion dollar industry. 

Vontélle frames are crafted to combine style and function to complement the diverse faces and personalities of the people who wear them, including wider nose bridges and longer temples for behind the ears for a comfortable fit. The Official by Vontélle collection includes 15 frames featuring colorful, bold, designs for men, women and kids. 

“We are passionate about making eyewear that’s both comfortable and stylish, while also bringing in colors and patterns that reflect our African, Caribbean, and Latin heritage,” Harris said in a recent interview. “Our products are designed to celebrate our cultural history, and we are so excited to make our frames available to even more customers through this Official collection with America’s Best,” Green added.