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1. 1. Michael Strahan: Everybody make sure you get out and Vote!

2. 2. DL Hughley: Democrats say they knocked on 375,000 doors in Ohio!! Even Jehovahs Witnesses said ‘DAMN’!!! (TJMS)

3. 3. Gabrielle Union: Be sure to take your time voting. There is no time limit. (AP)

4. 4. Sean Combs: Happy Election Day people! Let your voices be heard! Get up & Vote. (AP)

5. 5. Amber Rose: Team Amber Rose 4 Obama. (Photo: PR Photos)

6. 6. Common: We vote, We Win! Please Retweet Team Obama (Photo: AP)

7. 7. Rashida Jones: Ladies, this is our election. Old dudes want to control your bodies w/laws. Don’t let ’em. Vote Obama. AP

8. 8. Trey Songz: Americans let your voice be heard!!! I spoke and said ‘OBAMA!!!!’ (AP)

9. 9. NeNe Leakes: Get out & VOTE VOTE VOTE! Your Vote Counts. (Blackamericaweb)

10. 10. Big Sean: I voted guys! OBAMA 12. Make sure you vote too. It’s the most important thing to get done this week! (AP)

11. 11. Cher: This is the most important election of our lives! If you want Bush on steriods, vote for Romney. (AP)

12. 12. LeBron James: Getting ready for Tuesday. Make sure you are too! (AP)

13. 13. Wanda Sykes: Hey Tweeple, if the lines r long, wait it out, trust me…rather have 4 hrs. in line or 4 yrs. of Mittens?

14. 14. Kevin Hart: Good morning world… Wake y’all asses up & go vote DAMN IT!! Have a voice & be heard. (AP)

15. 15. Star Jones: In my years on twitter never asked y’all to RT a dang thing. But..if we don’t vote, we don’t matter!

16. 16. Sherri Shepherd: Please get out & Vote. Don’t let obstacles stand in your way. Your vote does count! Obama2012.

17. 17. Neil Diamond: Working the phones for Obama. If i call, don’t hang up. It’s really me and I need you. (AP)

18. 18. Lala Vasquez Anthony: Vote Obama!!! Every Vote Counts! Photo: AP

19. 19. Bill Maher: Hope u all remembered to set ur clocks back an hour & if u vote Republican on Tuesday another 40 years. AP

20. 20. Eva Longoria: The most hilarious member of Team Obama? Will Ferell! He will do ANYTHING to get you to vote. AP

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