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D.L. Hughley posted the comment below on his Facebook page and then received vile hate. Today’s DLQ is this: Is it wrong for a grown daughter to sleep in bed with her father? Take a look at how D.L. Hughley’s daughter Tyler responded to the harsh criticism her father received: He is the only man who […]

D.L. asks listeners if they would have a slave if they could in a discussion about modern day slavery on “The D.L. Hughley Show.” Listen to some of the funny and serious responses and let us know what you think in the comments below!

There’s just some things you don’t say to a woman with curves. Listen to the audio player to hear what the “D.L. Hughley Show” says are the  top 10 things you should never say to a curvy woman! Part I: Part II: RELATED:  Top 10 Signs You’re Too Old To Be In The Club [EXCLUSIVE]  RELATED: […]

DL Hughley Show Audio

Hour 1 Are animals’ lives worth more than ours? When a squirrel became a victim of police brutality, DL Hughley makes a hilarious yet disturbing comparison…Plus, a shocking twist on Dancing with the Stars… and DL’s horribly embarrassing moment! Hour 2 Jasmine says she’s not a jealous person, but DL says you haven’t really been […]

It comes a time when you just don’t belong in the club anymore. Listen to the audio player as “The D.L. Hughley Show” run down the  top 10 signs you’re too old to be in the club! Part I: Part II:

Men typically stick to five ways to break up with a woman. One of the most popular is to just disappear and never come back. Listen to the audio player to hear them all and why D.L. Hughley says men usually won’t just tell you it’s over!    

If you didn’t already hate Robin Thicke, D.L. Hughley is giving you about five reasons why you should. Listen to the audio player to hear what his beautiful wife Paula Patton revealed about him that has D.L. hating him all over again!

Radio host D.L. Hughley showed his audience a different side recently as he talked about the tragic story of Minnesota Viking player, Adrian Peterson, and the loss of his son. Hughley talks candidly about his own infidelity, having a child out-of-wedlock and the sad ending that brought him to tears. Check out the full conversation below: D.L. HUGHLEY:  […]

“Because I said so!” Does that line bring back memories? Listen to the audio to hear 10 things Black parents say!

DL Hughley Show Audio

From wearing dresses to being sworn in drunk, listen in as The D.L. Hughley Show’s Jasmine Sanders counts down part two of the top facts about the leaders of our nation that you NEVER would have guessed! RELATED: Top 10 Facts About U.S. Presidents That Will Blow Your Mind – Part 1 [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] RELATED: Wife Finds Side […]