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HBO's "I Be Knowin'" NYC Screening With Amanda Seales

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While performing at the Chicago Improv (In Schaumburg, Illinois) An unruly fan tried to hijack Amanda Seales’ show and was kicked out in the process. The video of the incident hit the blogs (and sold more tickets). Amanda explains to Nailz all that happened that night and more.






Well, listen, let’s be real. If you come to an Amanda Seales Show, you know, you’re gonna get a conversation about a number of political topics, specifically, I’m gonna talk about racism. And I feel like at that point in the show, what I was talking about was the difference between white people, people who happen to be white allies, and Co-conspirators. And the spectrum of where people show up in their whiteness, and also just talking about how important it is at this point like, you know what, if you’re out here, and you benefit from white privilege, and you need to be busy being louder than us about challenging racism and I think that just set him off. But you listen, over the course of the show, I’m talking about gun control. I’m talking about Roe v. Wade. I mean, I do a different set every set, because when I’m in a comedy club, and I have five shows over the course of a weekend like just to keep myself entertained, I’m not going to do the same set every time. But I can’t remember exactly what else I was talking about in that set but I know that I did do that bit and I guess that set him off Nailz. He just couldn’t get down with the idea of white people being co-conspirators and he was very much ex-military.

He was also, by the way, he wasn’t White, he was Mexican. I’d be like they don’t like you either. So nonetheless, ended up on Shade Room, which I think ended up also like selling some more tickets. So shout out to everybody who came out to the shows this weekend. They were incredible. You know, I think people really had a great time and I gotta say, I want to especially thank people for coming out to Schaumburg which is an hour away from Chicago. They have no business calling this venue, this Chicago Improv, it is an hour outside of the city. So those are some real friends, real fans, and thank you to everybody who supported me on this tour.







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