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Charles Barkley - The Great Debate

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Over the years Charles Barkley has proven that he doesn’t care about how people react to his hot takes, he’s going to give you his opinion whether it hurts your feelings or not and for that we love him.


Now the NBA legend will be teaming up with TNT for a new program in which he discusses the NBA’s “G.O.A.T”‘s and who he feels is deserving of that title in the upcoming documentary, The Great Debate. According to Deadline, Sir Charles will be breaking down his own “unique” take on the concept of “Greatest of All-Time” and if you’ve followed his NBA commentary over the years you know he’s going to be upsetting many of his fellow legends and some of today’s superstars.

Still, Charles Barkley couldn’t be happier with the project regardless of the feathers he will no doubt ruffle when the film premiers on Wednesday May 18, at 6:30 p.m. ET right before Game 1 of the NBA Western Conference Finals.

“I am so proud of this film,” says Barkley. “We’ve taken a very different approach by expanding the conversation about the GOAT to include the massive impact my top choices have made on American culture, civil rights, the business world and even our identity as a country. And it’s really entertaining too.”

The Great Debate was Directed by Emmy Award-winner Scott Boggins and will consists of six profiles, each centered on one of Barkley’s “greatest” players by decade, woven together by a roundtable hosted by Barkley with NBA savants Spike Lee, Jackie MacMullan and Renee Montgomery. The players’ contributions will be measured by their off-the-court accomplishments alongside their on-court heroics.

You know Spike Lee is going to point out how Michael Jordan kept his beloved New York Knicks from ever reaching the promised land. Charles can relate to that too.

Will you be watching The Great Debate come next week? Who do you think is the GOAT? Let us know in the comments section below.

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