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Verzuz - Mary Mary Vz. Bebe And Cece Winans

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Fresh off of an amazing Easter Sunday Verzuz celebration, Darlene McCoy-Jackson spoke to Mary Mary‘s Erica Campbell about the amazing event. Seizing the moment where Gospel music would be shown on a major, worldwide platform was not lost on Erica’s mind. Darlene spoke with Erica about the similarities between the two groups, including being siblings, breaking into the mainstream, awards, and of course, amazing vocal ability.


Campbell describes the event and working with the Winans, saying “that night felt like the faithfulness of God. It felt like listening to music in the car, wishing and dreaming. And it actually came to life on Sunday on Easter night.”

Hear more from Erica and Darlene below:


Read some of the amazing conversation below:

Erica: What I love is not only did I get blessed, the people listening to people in the room, the number I heard that we were trending number one in the world above Coachella, which was amazing. And I think that’s great for the genre, you know, so this is what this was our agenda. We didn’t want it to just be good for us. We wanted them to see what the genre of Gospel (music) looks like in this space, to know that it can, you know, that we can, we can stomp in that area, too, you know, what I’m saying?

Darlene: It does, because, you know, I was actually in the chat, and the kinds of people that were chatting in the chat, I was so excited, you know, because it shows you there is no music, like gospel music anywhere in the world. Like, we’re actually the only platform and genre that can house every genre.

Erica: Yeah. And our job is to draw people to God. It’s not to compete with mainstream or hip-hop, it is simply to draw people to Jesus. It’s supposed to lift the people (and) encourage the people (to) carry the people, this music is literally a vehicle that you can get inside and be transported to places of faith to places of peace, to places of deliverance, you know, places of joy after a hard time in life. And to see so many people posting and crying and posting and remembering was like, Yes, God, this is what we want it to be.

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Darlene: That’s what it is. And then the beauty of it is, you know, I think about Paul, when he was writing, you know, the Scriptures. He wasn’t writing for generations to come. He was writing his truth at that time. And to see, you know, Mary Mary and BeBe and CeCe Winans, you guys weren’t writing to be on Verzuz, you guys were writing songs and doing your songs to give God praise. And then the result is you have people like the nice. You have the toy. You’re lucky. Kelly Rowland? Yeah, everybody in the Verzuz.

Erica: Amazing. them singing along, and even watching my children. So the whole left side was basically my family. They gave us tickets. And I was like, Oh, I can pass out some to my friends. But 50 of them tickets were all immediate family like my sisters and Atkins cousins and Campbells. But they’re young, and they were on the front row singing our music and theirs, too. And I just thought that was so so cool. My little nephew was in the front, he thought he was giving us the playlist. It was so cute. You know, I know. Looking like just beaming with so much pride and joy. It was just watching Stevie Wonder get up and dance. And God and me like it was just, it was oh.