During the out-of-control riot at the US Capitol last week (January 6), confusion was placed on everyone’s spirit watching the madness unfold. How did this happen? Why wasn’t anyone prepared? Why aren’t there more officers?

Video showing one officer, who we now know is Eugene Goodman, seeming to be running away from the crazy rioters is not at all the case. Officer Goodman distracted the Mob and led them past the door of the senate chambers where members and their staff were hiding. Could you imagine if that mob would’ve gotten into those chambers? Well, we don’t really have to imagine as they told us through their “hang Mike Pence” chants and showed us with displays of nooses and confederate flags.

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Officer Goodman has been celebrated by several members of Congress, with some calling for Mr. Goodman to be awarded the Congressional medal of honor for his service.

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Meet Black Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman Who Saved Government Officials From The Capitol Terrorist  was originally published on woldcnews.com