Black America Web Featured Video

1. Socially Distant — And It Feels So Good…President Obama Joins Joe Biden For Conversation

What You Need To Know:

It looks like old times…President Obama and Vice President Biden sitting in an office, shooting the ….ish. Only this time, this is a campaign video and the ish appears to be related to the current occupant of the Oval Office.

2. In Richmond, Va., Protesters Transform A Confederate Statue

What You Need To Know:

As Black Lives Matter movements continue the fight to bring down offensive statues, including members of the Confederacy and others, artists are finding ways to “repurpose” the statues.

3. Coronavirus Update: Questions Raised Over Hard-Hit Strip Clubs Receiving Millions in PPP Loans

What You Need To Know:

In response to a ban by the Trump administration on hard-hit strip clubs to receive small business pandemic aid, 36 organizations representing dozens of strip clubs across the country sued and were awarded loans.

4. Former Bowie State University Student and Garbage Collector Heads to Harvard Law School

What You Need To Know:

Rehan Staton, a 24-year-old Bowie State University student from Maryland, is hard work and tenacity personified.

5. Prisons Parlay The Pandemic Into Millions In Profits

What You Need To Know:

Many businesses have begun to sink as a result of the virus, but one industry continues to thrive, including correctional facilities and prisons throughout the country.


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