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Angela Stanton-King, an author and former felon who President Trump pardoned last month, is running for a U.S. Congressional seat against civil rights leader and incumbent Rep. John Lewis.

TMZ reports Stanton-King was at the Georgia Capitol Building on March 6 to register as a Republican candidate for the state’s 5th Congressional District. This is just three weeks after Trump pardoned her for a 2007 six-month home confinement sentence due to her role in a stolen-vehicle ring.

Lewis is an iconic civil rights leader who’s held that office since 1987. Lewis’ district includes most of metro Atlanta and is nearly 60 percent African American.

“Thanks for your prayers it’s official,” Stanton wrote in a tweet that features images of her signing the official papers. “I’m running for U.S. Representative for the 5th District of Georgia. This isn’t about replacing John Lewis, this is about picking up the torch and continuing the fight for Justice.”

Stanton-King also has made offensive social media posts, including this tweet about the LGBTQ community.

Shortly after she was pardoned, Stanton-King claimed former President Barack Obama contributed to the imprisonment of Black people via his 2010 Fair Sentencing Act. However, the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act was widely praised by both Democrats and Republicans because it reduced the imposition of mandatory minimum sentences and eliminated the mandatory minimum sentence for simple possession of crack cocaine.

Stanon-King has no political experience. Her claim to fame is a 2012 book titled Life of a Real Housewife. She claimed that she and former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks and her former husband, Apollo Nida, were involved in various criminal enterprises, including forgery and a complicated “federal racketeering scheme” aimed at stealing luxury cars.

Parks later filed a $30 million lawsuit against Stanton-King. The case was dismissed in 2016.

TMZ spoke with Stanton-King on Friday and asked her why she was running for the seat. She says she wants to “continue to fight for justice for Black America, and also help people understand that our unborn babies deserve justice as well.”

“Whenever I think about Rep. John Lewis, the image I have in my head is him on the Selma bridge. I have the utmost respect for the contributions that he has made to Black America,” Stanton-King told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, referring to the congressman’s role during the 1965 march on Alabama’s Edmund Pettus Bridge. “However, this isn’t the Selma bridge, and our babies are dying. It is time for war.”

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