What You Need To Know:

Following the Tuesday night Iranian missile attacks to U.S. occupied Iraqi military bases, there were sighs of relief that there were no reported casualties. How did this happen? Reports indicate that advance warnings allowed U.S. forces to make the necessary moves in preparation for the attacks.


Why You Need To Know:

As someone recently said, “In every situation, there has to be an adult in the room.” In the Iran vs. United States conflict, Iran was the adult. Iran had to take a stand following the killing of their highest-ranking military official, General Soliemani. But they did so in a way that got their message across, launching missiles, without a loss of life.

In the wake of fast and furious tweets coming out of the Oval Office, Iranian officials were measured in their response, however violent, by perhaps telling a diplomat who can’t keep a secret, about the plans for missile attacks. The casualty-free attack led to a statement from the White House about economic sanctions as opposed to a further escalation of war.


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