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Good Morning Everybody!

In just 14 days, the State of Texas is scheduled to execute a man that I believe is factually innocent. His name is Rodney Reed and he has been framed for a rape and murder that he did not commit.

All the way back in 1996, now 23 years ago, a white woman named Stacey Stites was murdered by her fiancé, a brutal police officer named Jimmy Fennell, after Fennell discovered that Stites was having an affair with Rodney Reed.

All of the evidence points to Jimmy Fennell.

For months and months, Jimmy Fennell was the prime suspect.

Everybody in the town knew Jimmy Fennell murdered Stacey Stites. He was brutal on the job and off and had been overheard threatening to kill her on more than occasion.

But this is America.

And it would’ve been too much like right for a white police officer to be convicted for killing his fiancé in a small Texas town. Instead, they pinned it out Rodney Reed.

Literally no evidence whatsoever exists tying him to the crime scene. Nothing. Quite the opposite. Mountains of evidence proves that he is innocent and has been framed by a system that we all know is rigged against Black men.

This is the real life “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Just 2 weeks ago Dr. Phil dedicated two entire episodes to providing the innocence of Rodney Reed in meticulous fashion and I’ve shared many of those clips on my Instagram page.

Listen – study the case for yourself. Look at the evidence yourself. But we have 14 days to try to save this man from being executed.

And we’ve built a platform at for you to not only learn all about the case, but for you to sign our emergency petition to save his life. As of just a few minutes ago, more than 860,000 people have signed on – making it one of the fastest growing social justice petitions of all time.

But we need you on board. When you sign up at, later today I’m going to email you a whole set of action steps that I need you to take right away. We need the Governor of Texas to stay this execution. We need the Board of Pardons and Paroles to intervene. We need the local District Attorney to intervene.

And when you sign up at I’ll send you all of the details for what you need to do next.

I’m dedicating the next 14 days of my life to helping out this family. I spoke to them this weekend and they are all lifelong fans of the Tom Joyner Morning Show are so grateful to have us talk about the case for a few minutes this morning.

Switching gears for just a second, today is Election Day all over the country, and please, please, please make sure you get out to vote. These midterm elections like this matter so much! When you go, if you can, take your children with you to show them and teach them what voting looks and feels like.

I know all eyes are on the presidential election, but your city, your county, and your state still has important stuff going on today!

And I want to close today with a very special announcement – that I am making first right here on the Tom Morning Show!

For the past year, I’ve been working several hours a day, every single day, to write a brand new book called Make Change that is coming out in April of 2020, and right now, for the very first time, you can check out the cover art, and learn more about it

I’ve been fighting so hard to help save Rodney Reed that my publisher thought about pushing the date of this announcement forward, but here’s what I know, this book is about the very thing I’m doing right now – fighting to make change. And today’s actually the best day we could ever kickoff our campaign for it.

I’m building a launch team at not only so that we can make it a bestseller, but I want this book to change the world. I traveled to 45 states in preparation for it – learning how change is really made, and I break down, step by step, how each and every one of us has to be a part of the process.

Our nation is in a deeply problematic place! You know that. We all know that. And if we’re going to get out of this place, we have to organize ourselves out of this place. All of us.

So I’ve put a lot on your this morning, but go to and sign our petition then please consider joining my launch team for my new book, Make Change, at

Love and appreciate you all!